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Best Sites to watch cartoons online free: Childhood is the days full of laughter and joy. Adding to our laughter were our memorable cartoon characters. Kids love watching cartoons and enjoy themselves a lot. On only kids but adults also watch cartoons. Cartoons are really funny and a treat to release your stress.

Before the internet could rule everything we had few cartoon channels over television broadcast.  Cartoon Network, Disney and Pogo are the best channels of cartoons.

Why do we prefer kids to watch cartoons?

We all know that our priority is always a cartoon character for kids. This is because kids have soft hearts and gentle minds. They only understand the language of love and affection. Studies suggest that a kid or small child should never be kept in stressed out conditions. Always try to make the aura around the child happy, peaceful and positive as it plays an important role in their development.

So, make your child happy and energetic, we have researched for some of the best cartoons online

  Tom & Jerry

Best Sites to watch cartoons online free

  This is a very unique cartoon character that has Tom as a big cat and Jerry as a small and  naughty mouse. They both are always after each other. We all are familiar with the story of cat and mouse. The rivalry between the two is depicted in such an interesting way. Whole day they are running after each other trying to punish each other. The graphics of this cartoon series are totally different from another. The graphics are such that they will leave you in surprise and will automatically bring a smile to your lips. It is a cartoon series which is one of the most favourite of the crowd. You will never get tired of watching the series on and on.

Masha and the bear

Best Sites to watch cartoons online free 2020

This cartoon series is easily available on the internet. The cartoon characters are a little girl, bear and other jungle animals. This cartoon series is definitely going to cheer up your kids’ minds. The scenes of the series are really beautiful and stories are also interesting. The cartoon is available in multiple languages. You can directly check this cartoon on you tube

Duck Tales

Best Sites to watch cartoons online free

This story portrays a duck family, a grandfather and his children. The  cartoon story beautifully showcases the generation gap between ducks. The comic story that took the picture of animated cartoons on screen was liked by everyone and again was reinvented in 2017. The on screen animated cartoon depicts the bond of family, the opinion of child and elders, the enjoyment and joy. The globe trotting and money making adventure of t McDuck and his nephew is very great.

This tale has always been into highlights because no other cartoon series has the same storyline. It’s totally different from other cartoons.

chip n dale cartoon

Best Sites to watch cartoons online free

This disney series is based on two chipmunks brothers. One of the brother is dumb and lazy while other is intelligent, smart and active. This series beautifully adjusts between the jungle-natural life to modern-city life. They are always after nuts and food stuff. The expression, music of the series is extraordinary. The fights and tension between brothers will bring joy and destress your mind. No matter how much  they fight, they are always together to fight with the enemy.

My friend Tigger and Pooh

Best Sites to watch cartoons online free 2020

This story is a blend of an imagination and an animated story called “Winnie the Pooh”.  Winnie the pooh is a bear baby who is having a piglet as his best friend. A 6 year old girl named Dabry and his dog Buster along with Pooh and Piglet form a detective agency and are out on a road trip of adventures. This series along with fun and excitement is also a good exercise for brain development. Along with playing mood, the mental exercise is very good for educating children.

mickey mouse cartoon

Mickey and his friends are always on a mission. They are towards fulfilment of their responsibilities with enjoyment on their way.

Mickey, Minnie, toodles are always ready to help others.

Shin Chan

This is a Japanese based cartoon series. A very notorious and  mischievous 5 years old child is always ready to create problems. The series is totally hilarious because of the weird language and pronunciation of the child. Another major cause of attraction is unusual and unnatural activities of the child. He performs very different actions which are too hilarious and unseen in normal life.  What attracts viewers is the habit of Shin Chan acting and mimicry  of adults. THough he is only a 5 years old child, sometimes his activities are far beyond the understanding of adults. So if you want to have a dose of laughter then it is a must watch.

The Jungle book

Best Sites to watch cartoons online free

The  story revolves around a human boy who has been born and brought up in  between animals and by animals. The wonders of the boy named Mogwli have been through adventures and his hardships of his life in the forest ecosystem. The strength of the main cartoon character is similar to that of Tarzan. The music scenes will give peace to the mind.

Best sites to watch cartoonsBest Sites to watch cartoons online free


You name it youtube is here to fulfill your wish. Youtube has a huge library of cartoon videos. They have episodes of all cartoon series. Youtube has a collection of age old cartoons that date back to the 80s. So now you can watch the genre of cartoons from then till now. 

Youtube also has many recommendations for you. So it might happen that you may come across some new interesting cartoon characters.


The most famous online streaming app is now open for cartoons and animated series also. Netflix is streaming and overfilled with the new series like Rick and Monty, Castlevania, South Park, Big Mouth and many others. Netflix has now become the most populated platform to watch digital media. So you even do not have to get much into the struggles and watch the series wherever you want to.


Amazon Prime has become one of the favorite sites of the people for entertainment. They have music, movies, reality shows and cartoons. With the ease of access to operate you can now check the most famous cartoon series available there. You can watch it over the phone or TV screen.

Hotstar Kids

This app is especially maintained for kids. All the shows, series and programs here are streamed keeping in mind about the kids and their taste. This is one of the best applications for kids’ entertainment.  The one stop destination for the kids is full of series like little krishna, Chetak, Vroom etc.

So, now you have lists of best cartoon series and best sites for cartoons you can now enjoy with your kids and family.  Cartoons are a source of entertainment which is not defined by age group. A small child, a teenager, an adult, an old age all are fond of cartoons. Cartoons are as pure as a child’s heart and always give moral values in the end. One needs to understand the hidden message and translate it.(Best Sites to watch cartoons online free)

So get ready with your favorite food and drink to enjoy your mind and heart.

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