Vitamin C: Immune Booster for fight with corona (covid19)

Immune Is Our Body’s Internal Strength To Fight Disease Causing Germs, Bacteria And Virus. A Person With Strong Immune Is Likely To Fall Ill Lesser Than The Weak Immune Person. – Vitamin C

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One Should Always Focus On Keeping The Immune System Healthy. A Healthy Immune Is What Makes Us Less Vulnerable To Disease. There Are Many Ways To Boost Your Immune System.

During The Current Situation Of World Everyone’s Question Is : How To Boost Immunity?

Our Mother Nature Has Given Solution To Our Every Question

But, Before Getting The Exact And The Best Methods To Increase Immunity Let’s Understand  “How Stronger Immune Can Save Us ”

Human body has it’s mechanism to fight invaders (virus, bacteria, etc) by making antibodies on its own.

Our White Blood Cell Are Our Fighters. These Cells Fight In Similar Manner As Our Soldiers Do.

To Fight Against Any Infection Causing Host, Our Cells Starts Manufacturing Of Antibodies And These Antibodies Once Generated Can Live Upto Our Life Span.

You All Must Have Heard Of Vaccine. What Is Vaccine And How Does It Works?

The Main Role Of Vaccine Is To Help Our Cells To Generate Antibodies To Fight Against Specific Disease And Remember It Till Our Death.

Once Our Body Learns How To Fight With Certain Disease, It Will Remember It. Next Time If The Same Disease Tries To Harm Our Body, Our Cell Will Generate Antibodies.

Vaccine Contains The Dead And Harmless Samples Of The Disease Organism Towards Which Our WBC Reacts Quickly And Learns The Method To Fight.

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So, If Our Body Itself Is Capable Of Fighting The Infection Causing Germs, Then Why Should Not We Help Our Body By Boosting Our Immunity?

It Is Advisable That One Of The Key Element To Increase Our Immunity Is Vitamin C Also Known As Ascorbic Acid Scientifically.

Human Body Can Neither Create Nor Store Vitamins. Hence It Is Recommended To Consume It On Regular Basis.                

Currently The Daily Value Of This Vitamin C Is 90 Mg.

Benefits of consuming Vitamin C:

Food for Vitamin C
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Vitamin C Has Antioxidants That Can Defend Virus, Bacteria Attack In Our Body. It Is Also Helpful In Treating Pneumonia And Tetanus.

It Also Helps To Cure Lung Inflammation Caused By Flu.

Vitamin C  Is An Antioxidant Which Can Reduce Damaged Caused By Free Radicals.

It Can Also Lower The Risk Of Certain Brain Tumors.

The Intake Of Vitamin C Also Rreduces The Risk Of Lung Cancer.

Deficiency Of Vitamin Can Witness Bleeding Gums,Poor Recovery Of Wounds, Scurvy, Frequent Infections And Mouth Soars.

The Citrus Fruits Are One Of The Main Source Of Vitamin C. Apart From This Vitamin C Is One Of The Key Factors For Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair. So Consuming Vitamin C Is Very Benificial For Our Over All Body.

We Can Take In Vitamin C Either Through Natural Ways By Eating Foods Rich In Ascorbic Acid Or Through Tablets Available In Market.

Oranges Have Surplus Amount Of Ascorbic Acid And Are Very Good Source Of Vitamin C.

This Fruits Is Also One Of The Easily Available Fruit In Market. Oranges Are Sweet And Sour With Juicy Taste.

Oranges Are Supplier Of Antioxidants Are Good For Ur Skin, Hairs And Teeths.

Even The Peel Of Oranges Can Be Used After Drying. The Peel Powder Can Act As A Good Face Mask.


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Guavas Though Are Sweet In Taste But They Are Also Good Container Of Vitamin C.

The Vitamin C Content Per 100 Gms Of Guava Is 228 Gms.

Always Go For Half Ripped Guava As They Are Tastier And Have More Nutrient Quality. Guava Helps In Reducing Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Level.

You Can Eat Them In Breakfast Bowl, Juice, Salad Or Smoothie.


Tomatoes Vegetables Vitamin C
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This Red Ball Is Found In Every Kitchen Is Really A Surplus Supplier Of Vitamin C.  Tomatoes Are Tangy In Taste.

Try To Eat Them Raw Because The Level Of Viatmin And Mineral Goes Down When They Are Cooked Even On Low Flame.

The Best Ways To Consume Tomatoes Is To Eat Them With Sandwich Or Salad. You Can Also Use Them To Garnish The Dish When You Have Cooked Them Well.

One Medium Tomato Can Give You 20 Mg Of Nutrients


Kiwi Vitamin C
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The Daily Value Of One Cup Of Kiwi Is 167 Mg.

Even The Peel Of This Fruit Is Rich In Fibre That Restores Digestion. They Are Rich In Fiber And Flavonoids And Carotenoids (These Are The Antoxidants That Helps To Protect Our Cell).                           

You Can Eat Them Directly After Ashing Them. You Can Make Their Smoothies Or Eat Them With Fruits Salad.


Vitamin C
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These Berries Are Bite Sized, Means You Can Engulf Them In Single Go. A Cup Of These Berries Can Provide You 87 Mg Of Vitamin C. Strawberries Are Low In Calories And Are Very Rich Source Of Antioxidants. The Ripe Berries With Bright Color And More Preferred.

You Can Mix Them In In Your Breakfast Bowl,  Lunch Salad Or Evening Smoothie. You Can Also Mix Them With Yogurt.

Bell Peppers

Vitamin C
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Bell Peppers Known As Capsicum Are Readily Available In Market. A Half Cup Of Bell Pepper Can Provide You 95 Mg Of  Vitamin C. Apart From Vitamin C They Rich Source Of Vitamin A, B, E And K.  They Also Provide  Potassium And Magnisium.

They Also Reduce The Cholestrol Level And Have Fat Cutting Power.

Eat Them Raw With Black Salt And Pepper Or Eat Them After Cooking.

Get Mix Them With Your Pasta, Oats, And Other Salty Dishes.

You Even Mix Them With Omelette And Chilla Batter.


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Vitamin C
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A Small Of Bowl Of Papaya Can Provide You With 90 Mg Of Ascorbic Acid Or Vitamin C.

Apart From Vita C , This Ruits Is Great Supplier Of Fibre, Potassium, Magnesium,Vitamin B.

Papaya Works As A Blessing For Your Heart And Skin.

It Reduces The Chances Of Colon Cancer And Keeps Your Heart Health.

You Can Cook Unripe Papaya Or An Eat Ripe Papaya With Some Black Salt And Pepper.


(Grapefruit, pink) 
Vitamin C
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A Glass Of Grapefruits Can Supply 70 To 96 Mg Of Vtamin C To Us. Its Is Near To What You Require In A Need. This Fruit Has Sour Taste So You Can Ad Sugar Or Salt To The Juice. This Is A Tropical Fruits Which Huge Contains Of Vitamin C


Vitamin C
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If We Are Talking About Vitamin C Then How Can We Forget About Lemons.

This Is The Most Common Supplier Of Vitamin C.

One Whole Raw Lemon Can Provide 83 Mg

You Can Have Lemon Water Or Can Add Lemon Juice To Your Salad Or Food. Lemons Treat Soars, Cholestrol, Fats And Are Great For Skin.


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A Half Cup Of Broccoli Provides 51 Mg Of Vit C. It Is A Cruciferous Vegetables. Eating Broccoli Can Lower Oxidative Stress, Strengthen Immunity And A Reduces  Risk Of Cancer And Heart Disease .

You Can Cook It As Normal Cauliflower Aslo. Also You Can Boil It And Ix With Vegetable Salad.You Can Also Sauté It And Sprinkle Some Black Pepper And Salt.

Apart From Vitamins Broccoli Ae Rich And Protein And Strongly Suggested For Atheletes And One Who Does Work Out.

Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels Sprouts. Vitamin C
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A 1/2 Cup Of Cooked Brussels Sprouts Supplies 49 Mg Of Vitamin C . Like Most Cruciferous Vegetables, Brussels Sprouts Are Also High In Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin A, Manganese,  Fiber And Potassium.

Vitamins C And K Are Important For Our Bone Health. Vitamin C Supports The Formation Of Collagen. This A Fiborous Tissue Of The Bone.

Having Strong Bones Resuces The Risk Of Fractures. You Can Fry Brussels Sprouts Like Peas.


Vitamin C
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This A Very Famous Fruit Which Is Sweet And Sour But Still Juicy.This Fruit Has Single Seed In Centre.

One Lychee Can Provide You With 7 Mg Of Vit C. So, To Provide Sufficient Vitamin C You Need To Have Atleast 12 – 15 Lychees.

Lychees Also Great Supplier Of Omega -3, Omega -6 And Fatty Acids. These Are Benificial For Our Heart, Brain And Blood Pressures.


Hence, Vitamin C Is Vital For Our Immune System, Teeth And Gums, Heart And Colagens

They Also Reduce Risk Of Tumors And Cancer.

Not Getting Enough Of This Vitamins Can Have Adverse Effects On Your Health And Make Your Heath Prone To Diseases And Infections

By Eating Some Of The Super Fruits And Vegetables Suggested Above Each Day, You Can Esily Prvide Your Body With Sufficient Fuel To Fight Disease.

Eating A Balanced Diet Containing All The Vitamins And Minerals Is Very Important For Us.

So Eat Healthy, Stay Safe.

If You Want To Know About Healthy Recipes Or Quick Healthy Breakfast Do Not Forget To Write Back To Us And Comment Us


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