Doordrshan: Chankya, Shaktimaan Chandraprakash and Dwivedi Ramayan on DD National.

Doordarshan Is The Oldest Channel Of Indian Media. It Had Some Of The Best TV Serials. The Channels Under Doordarshan Are DD National, DD Sports, DD Bharti, DD News And Many Other Regional Channels. Doordarshan Is Owned By The Broadcasting Ministry Of India And  One Of The Prasar Bharati’s Two Divisions. – Doordrshan Chankya National Shaktimaan Chandraprakash Ramayan

Doordrshan Chankya National Shaktimaan Chandraprakash  Ramayan

Ramayan on Doordarshan

Doordrshan Chankya National Shaktimaan Chandraprakash  Ramayan

Ramayan Is One The Most Famous Teleseries Of Hindu Mythological Stories. The Ramayana That Was Telecasted On Doordarshan During 1987 – 1988, Was One Of The Series That Helped The Family And Even Neighbour’s To Gather Together And Have Quality Time.

The Most Famous Ramayana Series Till Time Was Written And Directed By Ramanad Sagar.

This Show Was Based Totally On Valmiki’s Ramayana And Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas

The Show Had One Of The Most Defined Starcast Of The Time

Arun Govil Acted As Ram/Vishnu

Deepika Chikhalia Acted As Sita/Lakshmi

Sunil Lehri Acted As Laxman

Srvid Trivedi Portrayed As Ravana

Dara Singh Portrayed As Hanuman

In Late 80’S Ramayan Successfully Broke The Viewership Of Indian Television.  It Entered

 The Limca Book Of World Records As The Most Watched Mythological Series.

Doordarshan’s Ramayan Was Aired In 55 Countries And The Total Viewership Rose Near To  650 Million, Becoming The Highest Watched Indian Television Series Across The Globe.

The Famous Mythological Show Of The Date Was Again Aired On Star Plus During The 2000’S.

When This Show Was Telecasted On Sunday Morning One Could Easily Witness Deserted Streets, Closed Shops And People Were So Obsessed With Serial That They Would Worship The TV Sets And Actors Also. People In Indian Villages Used To Gather Around One Television In Hundreds Of Numbers.

Even The Busiest Points And Markets Of The Cities On That Day Seemed To Be Lifeless.

As Of The Rising Cases Of Coronavirus In India In 2020, This Show Is Again Aired To Provide Entertainment To People During Lockdown.

This Great Mythological Show Was Not Only Show For People At Initial Time. It Was Included In  Their Routine. Ramayana Became A Part Of People’s Daily Life And Was A Preaching For The Way Of Living.

Mahabharata on Doordarshan

Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi, Circus back on Doordarshan
Doordrshan, Chankya, DD National, Shaktimaan Chandraprakash and Dwivedi Ramayan

This Epic Of 18 Days Was Converted Into A TV Serial By B. R. Chopra. The Show Was Produced By B.R. Chopra And Directed By His Son Ravi Chopra. The Mythological Serial Was Aired On Doordarshan Between 1988 To 1990.

This Show Again Witnessed The Best Storyline And Cast

Nitish Bhardawaj Emerged As Lord Shri Krishna.

Gajendra Chauhan Played The Role Of Yudhisthir

Praveen Kumar Acted As Bheem

Arjun Acted As Arjuna

Roopa Ganguly Played The Prestigious Role Of Draupadi

Puneeet Issar Acted As Duryodhan

The Show Was Divided Into 94 Episodes Starting From  Introduction Of Kuru Family, Raja Bharat And Raja Shantanu And Ended With Yudhishthir Becoming King Of Hastinapur.

It Was The First Serial Aired On BBC2 After Its 1991 Revamp.It Was Telecasted  In The United Kingdom By The BBC, Where It Successfully Attracted Audiences Around  5.1 Millions.

It Was Telecasted Late At Night On BBC 1 The Previous Year. It Was Also Aired On FBC TV In Fiji And Star Utsav.T

His Hindi Mythological Show Was Streamed On Epic In Hong Kong And TVB Jade.

The Show Was Also Dubbed In Multiple Languages Across The Globe. Mahabharata Was Telecasted  Also In Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam And Also In Indonesia In The Early 1990s On TPI (Now MNCTV)And In The Early 2000s On ANteve (Now Antv).

The Epic Show Is  Also To Be Re-Telecasted On DD Bharti  From 28 March 2020 During The Lockdown Of 21 Days Due To Coronavirus  In India.


Doordrshan Chankya National Shaktimaan Chandraprakash  Ramayan

It Is The Other Iconic Show After Ramayana And Mahabharata That Will Be Telecasted During The 21 Days Lockdown For The Indian Population.

This Show’s Storyline Revolves Around A Man Named Gangadhar Who Is A Superhero In Disguise Named Shaktiman.The Show Was First Aired Between September, 1997 To March, 2005.

The Famous Superhero Show Was Most Popular Amongst Kids

The Show Selected The Below Starcast To Make The Show Popular.

Mukesh Kumar Who Was Also The Producer Of The Show Enacted Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri Who Was Also Shaktimaan.

Kitu Gidwani (Later Replaced By Vaishnavi Mahant) Played The Role Of Geeta In The Show.

Lalit Parimoo Acted As One Of The Famous Villains, Jackal.

Ashwini Kaleskar Acted As Kalli Billi.

Sharad Smart As Satyaprakash Nirala, 1st Editor Of Aaj Ki Awaz

Raju Shrivastav As 2nd Editor Of Aaj Ki Aawaz.

Shaktiman Has Supernatural Powers Which He Attained By Energizing Seven Chakras Of The Body Through Meditation.

Shaktiman Helps Towards Spreading That God Is One And Does Not Have Forms. He Only Worshiped OM And Can Separate His Body Into Five Basic Elements Of Life – Wind, Water, Fire, Earth And Sky. Shaktiman Also Has The Power To Foresee The Future Happenings Around Him.

The Only Weakness Of The Shaktiman Is The Paapmani As Crystal That Contains All The Evil Powers Of The World. The Crystal Is Possessed By Kilvich.To Fool And  Avoid To Be An Easy Prey Of Tamraj Kilvish, Shaktimaan Opted A Different Personality And Identification As Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri In The Society.

The Character Of Pandit  Gangadhar Is Completely Opposite To That Of Shaktimaan In All Aspects From Appearance, Intelligence To His Communication. Gangadhar Stood As An Dumb Mind Only Focused On His Work And He Speaks Only Pure Hindi.

The Seven Chakras Of Shaktiman’s Body Are As Follows:

Energy Chakra : The Chakra  Used To Give Shaktimaan Super Strength To Fly, Shoot Out  Fire From His Hands, Also Emit Powerful Rays From His Fingertips, He Could Also Blow A Stream Of Freezing Air, Or Send Out Protective Shields That  Nothing Can Penetrate. Shaktimaan’s Can Physically Penetrate Anything And Lift Any Object. He Also Had Strong Will Power.

Creative Chakra : This Chakra Gives Shaktimaan The Power To Demnstrate Things Out Of Thin Air.

Astral Chakra : This Chakra Provides Shaktimaan The Power To Rule His Astral Body (A Semi-Transparent, Ethereal Duplicate Of Himself) Which Can Fly, Walk Through Walls, See Inside Objects, Etc.

Heart Chakra : As The Name Suggests,This Chakra Gives Shaktimaan The Power To Control The Wishes Of Others, But Only For Good. He Can Change People’s Wish To Do The Right Things. He Used This Power To Save Those  Who Are Under The Control Of Kilvish And Are Doing Evil.

Vibration Chakra : As Per Name,  Chakra Is Used By Shaktimaan To Control All Types Of Vibrations Present In Nature. He Can Also Hear Ultrasonic Sounds, And Can Transport Himself In Space Or Time. This Stood Out To Be Very Useful For Coming Out Of Dangerous Situations.

Psychic Chakra : This Chakra Supports Shaktimaan By The Power Of The “Third Eye” Which Helps Him By Reading  Minds And Seeing Anywhere In The World. He Can Sense Approaching Danger.


Doordrshan Chankya National Shaktimaan Chandraprakash  Ramayan

The Great Chankya Was A Scholar Of Gupta Reign Whose Only Dream Was Of  AKHAND BHARAT That No One Can Divide.

The TV Serial Was Based On The Historic Character And Was Directed By Dr. Chandraprakash Dwiedi.

This Show Was Telecasted Between 1991 To 1992.

The Famous Serial Was Based On The Most Powerful Scholar Of The Time Also Known As Vishnugupta. The Show Was Divided Into Three Sections:

  • The First Section Depicted The Early Life Of Vishnugupta In The Kingdom Of Magadha And The Situation That Led To His Self-Imposed Exile After The Death Of His Father
  • The Second Section Is Based On The History Of Invasion Of Northwestern Land Of India By Alexander, His Death And The Revolt Led By Native Indian Kingdoms Under The Leadership Of Chandragupta Maurya Against Greek In India. The Greek Invaders Were Defeated.
  • The Attack On The Nanda Rule In Magadha And The Crowning Of Chandragupta As The King Of Magadha.

The Show Beautifully Portrayed The Intelligence Of Chanakya And His Strong Will Power. How He Overthrown The Nanda King And Throned Chandragupta Maurya. He Pictured The Politics, Backstabbing, Economic Activities Of The Time.

It Was Televised In Many Countries Around The Globe And Has Won Five Uptron Award.The Series Was Widely Praised For Its Authenticity, Casting And Glory Making It A Great Success In Indian Television History.

Seeing The Glory And Success Of These Shows, The Indian Government Is Again Broadcasting Them During The Lockdown Caused By Coronavirus In 2020 Keeping In Loop The Sentiments Attached With These Shows.- Doordrshan Chankya National Shaktimaan Chandraprakash Ramayan

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