Online Income Tax Payment : Pay Income Tax in few Minutes.

Online Income Tax Payment

Online Income Tax Payment: The lengthy procedure of making payments for tax by people has deterred them from making payments to the government in regular periods. Tons of paperwork and the complications that are involved in filling them out and getting in lines to submit them manually has been very problematic for every taxpayer. This is why the Income Tax Department of India has taken a step and backed by the Ministry of Finance to make things easier for people to pay taxes to the government.

Online payment of taxes by people has made them more compliant with the taxation procedures. It makes things easier on the part of the taxpayers as well as the government. Even an ordinary taxpayer can go online on his computer and fill in the required documents and pay the stipulated amount to get things done at the comfort of his home. Making matters more accessible for people toupee the government is always a better idea to make sure that the tax inflow is increased and so is the tax base. If done with care and diligence, it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to fill out the documents and transfer the money.

The steps involved in online income tax payment are stated below.

Online Income Tax Payment

for pay tax online is to log in to and then choose the optional services that are mentioned on the link.

After clicking on the services slab, you will have to select the pay online taxes option to initiate the entire process. The link may also appear in the name of E-payment of taxes through which you can start the process of filing and payment.

After successfully logging in and making your way – the link to the required page,

you will have to choose the relevant challan that you want to apply for the payment of taxes online.

There are several challans which make it easier for online payment of fees and they can be used to the advantages of the taxpayer to save time.

Challans like ITNS 280, ITNS 281, ITNS 282, ITNS 283 and ITNS 284 are available at the hands of the for tax payment and application.

Online Income Tax Payment
  1. Enter the relevant codes in information like the Permanent Account Number or the Temporary Account Number, as the case may be. Apart from that, relevant information regarding the challan that one has opted for also needs to be mentioned clearly in there. This includes the accounting head under which the appropriate payments are made, the bank that the taxpayer has chosen to make an online Income tax payment, the residential or permanent address of the taxpayer, etc. .
  2. After the data has been carefully entered and submitted, a confirmation screen will appear on your electronic device. If the Permanent Account Number on the Temporary Account Number is deemed to be valid by the ITD PAN / TAN master, then the Income Tax Department master will display the full name of the taxpayer as a confirmation on the screen.
  3. Once the data entered has been confirmed by the master of the Income Tax Department, the site will be transferring you to the online payment page. This is the net banking site where you, the taxpayer, your preferred bank and the details that are required to make the payment. Make sure that you entered the details correctly so that the payment can be made swiftly and without any errors or worries of transaction failure.
  4. For correct payment through net banking method, the user will have to log in to his or her account it using the ID and password. These details are provided to the user by the bank and in confidence to someone else. The payment details are to be entered into the specific Bank site as a way of authentication and permission to pay that amount of money as an online income tax payment.
  5. After the payment is made successfully online, a challan counterfoil containing the CIN will be displayed on the screen. It will also show the details of the payment and the bank details that have been entered by the user. The Count of the file is sent to the taxpayer as a proof that the payment of online income tax has been made.
Online Income Tax Payment

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