Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays

Need to write an essay but all messed up? Oh no, seems a time taking and head scratching task? – Tips writing excellent essays

Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays 
Tips writing excellent essays

To solve your problems regarding how to write an attractive essay, we have got some of the best tips. These essay writing tips are really going to be your saviour.

We all face this issue of creative writing. During school days we need to score good while writing essays and in life we come across some situations where we need to write it.

Writing an essay is not a cake walk. To write a supreme essay one needs to be thoughtful, having good command on grammar and many more things.

Each of the points discussed in this writing will help you to understand how to write an essay and score good. -Tips writing excellent essays

These best writing hacks will enable you to write attractive, quantitative, qualitative and scoring essays.(Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays)

Think Before You Write:

Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays 
Tips writing excellent essays

The first and the foremost thing before writing an essay is to plan and segregation of  points.

When you receive a topic take a pause for a few minutes.Think what all you can write and make points to remember it for later.

Thinking before writing gives a direction to your essay. Draft the outlook of an essay for what points should appear first and follow the top down method.Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays


Think of a strong heading for your creative writing. Heading is one of the major centres of attraction. A strong title of an essay does make a great impact on the reader’s mind.

Try to keep it short yet informative. Always be choosy while selecting words for the essay title.

The title of your essay does speak a lot about your content. An eye-catching title always attracts more attention from a reader.

Heading or title somewhat makes your essay stand out from the rest. 

Let’s say there’s an essay competition in your school, college or in your office.

The first thing that makes your essay different from others is the title of your essay. You can make the title a bit suspenseful, having irony, or any other writing form you are comfortable with.


After heading comes another pillar of your essay. This makes the foundation of your essay look strong.

A strong introduction keeps the reader engaged and deepens his interest in your essay.

To make the introduction strong, always take a pause of a few seconds. Think of what you want to write and what words you want to use. Think for their synonyms as it will provide more weightage to your essay. The introduction show has a smooth flow. It should not give up an impression that you have jumble thoughts over your head.

Line your thoughts and draft them in words which are easily understood by the reader. Try to provide a hint to the user that what the coming paragraphs are about.

The best trick to write a great essay is to have a strong introduction.

Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays 
Tips writing excellent essays

Body of an essay:

The  body of an essay contains the whole theory of an essay. Here you are free to write your thoughts depending on the word limit given to you. Try to break the body of the letter in two to three paragraphs depending upon the  word limit. Dedicate one paragraph to one branch of the topic.

Let’s say the topic is Pollution so divide the paragraphs as one for air pollution, other for soil pollution and third for air pollution. 

Segregating the essay this way helps to increase the readability as it does not look like a never ending story.

It also makes a strong presentation and achieves success in scoring good grades.So, the other trick for having a good essay is to have a paragraph divided  body of a letter.

The body of a letter is for detailing your thoughts within a given word limit. Try to be more specific and informative while writing the body of an essay. Pen down your thoughts beautifully and crave a beautiful essay and seem no less than reading a story.


The last tip to write a best essay is to end it with a neutral conclusion. Having a neutral conclusion means finding a mid way for any topic. It does not matter whether you have written for or against the topic, but a neutral conclusion helps in smoothing out an essay. It’s just like decorating a pastry to intensify its presentation.

Try to provide a solution if you have an essay on some specific problems.One should always try to conclude the things on a good note. A brief conclusion having neutral thought, providing a solution and opinion is a great way to end an essay.


Amidst of writing an essay one should always focus on the interactivity of an essay. Your essay should be able to build bonds with the reader. Being interactive is another successful key to have a superb essay. Your essay should not sound as if you are only speaking and speaking. Try to have it in two way communication in which the person may find himself involved while reading an essay.

You can easily set up two way communication by writing an essay in question and answer format, but somewhere.

Strong Vocabulary:

To write a great essay one needs to have a strong practice and good collection of vocabulary.

A great collection of vocabulary will never make you fall short of words to express your soul and thoughts. When a reader will read new words they will love to read your essay more as it will generate interest within them. 

Keep yourself updated:

It is really very important for everyone to keep yourself updated regarding the changes happening in your surroundings.

It is always advised to keep yourself abreast of the new technologies, political and environmental changes, social adaptation and other news taking place in our surroundings.

If you have the knowledge of facts and are able to pen down your thoughts logically. Being logically with facts and figures provides more strength to your writing.

For eg: Suppose we are given a topic of air pollution and word limit is 500 words:

So, we will first look for heading or title: An Alarming Air!

Then we need to start with an introduction. Have a very strong first few lines. Try to wrap the introduction within 100 – 150 words.

We can start to say, Human race is receiving continuous news and articles related to degrading air quality…………

Then comes the body of the essay. Divide the body into further two to three paragraphs.

In the first paragraph discuss the causes of air pollution and the factors behind continuously lowering the air quality. Try to be choosing while selecting your words. Sum up the whole paragraph of causes with 100 – 140 words or less depending upon your word limit.

In the next paragraph discuss the results that air pollution is giving to the human race and animals. This paragraph will focus on the adverse effects of air pollution. This paragraph will consist of 100 – 140 words depending on the word limit of the essay.

The third paragraph will be about the latest development, studies and steps taken to solve this problem. For this you need to keep yourself informative enough about general awareness. This paragraph’s word limit will again depend on the total word limit.(Tips writing excellent essays)

The last will be the conclusion , where you will end the essay. According to the topic of essay the best way to end this will be leaving a thoughtful question for the leader which can raise their concerns also.

So, the outlook of your essay will be somewhat like below

Tips for writing an excellent and strong essays
                                                      An alarming Air!
 Human race is receiving continuous news and articles related to degrading air quality………… upto 100 – 120 words
The main cause of the degrading ai quality is………………………….(try to wrap the information within 100 – 150 words)
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so is the same with the air. The effects on air on health…………………………….(upto 150 words)
The latest articles and news  report about the high end concern of environmentalists. The scientist and government across the globe are trying to solve……………(upto 120 words)
Is this what we are doing as responsible citizen under the shelter of sustainable development……………………………….( upto 100 words)

So, above we have mentioned the tips to make your essay writing near to perfect and creative.

Practice writing essays keeping the above points in mind.  Never forget that practice makes a man perfect.

Do not just write, try to be expressive . Try to write the best essay or any other article as this is a very good exercise for your brain  which can increase your thinking power and can make your communication vry better.

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