Best lipsticks for girls in 2020

‘Lips do so many task for us.They speak our heart, they smile so we look beautiful.’ lipsticks for your smile.(Best lipsticks for girls)

It’s our duty to keep good care of them so their charm may never fade away.

Lips are the mos delicate part of our body and need to be cared and pampered a lot.

We apply moisturiser, lipsticks and many other beauty products tl our lips for which we needs to be very careful while choosing our products.

What should we care about while choosing our products ?

We should check the chemical content of the products. Always try to opt for natural care product to cover your soft and plump lips.

Always try to use brands and be careful while using. Keep check on the expiry of the products.

Most Famous Brands available in India :

For the lipstick lover the most famous brands are Sugar, Huda, NYX, ,MAC Loreal, Lakme, Maybelline, Avon, Oriflame, Elle 18 and many more. The lip products of the above mentioned brands are ought to be the best lipstick in India.

These lipstick or lipcolor come in various color and formats

If we talk about texture then there are velvet touuch, mate finish, shiny, liquid mate.

These texture gives different finish to our lips.

Lets’s start discussing the price range and contains of lipstick and later we will discuss hoe to keep care of our soft and juicy lips. We will be moving with the ascending brand (low to high) on basis of the products

Starting with the most famous brand –

Elle 18

This is the one of the best lipsticks/lipcolor  available. They come in black cover which have roll on feature.

Best lipsticks for girls

 Texture: These lipsticks come in shiny as well as matte finish.

Colors available: they have multiple shades. Few of the famous shades are mauve, wine, coral red

Price :  Offline they are available at the selling price of Rs. 100 and online they range from Rs 90 to Rs. 100

Stay :   The stay is not so good. For darker shades it might stay a bit long but for the lighter shades you have to reapply the shades frequently.

Application :    the applicaton of the lipstick is smooth.. The lipstick glide easily and shape your lips but you need to be carefully as it can spread out as well. Their matte finsih aslo seems bit oily.

Rating : I would like to rate this product as 3.5 out of 5 stars comparing the product and prices.

We are attaching links where you can get these lipstick in your preferred color easily

Elle 18 lispstiks are the best lipstick to buy out if you need some specific color only for a few functions. They are price effective and if we judge them on  basis of price they are very well.The only issue is that the pigmentation do not stay long . If you bare the one who is not so fond of makeup and do not like investing on it then these are the best lispticks under Rs.100

Blue Heaven

When we talk about Indian skin tones then Blue heaven knows it very well  to suit the Indian women

find the best long lasting lipstick reviews and brands
Best lipsticks for girls

Texture : Blue heaven lipsticks vary from satin finish to shiny to matte finish. They come into liquid lipsticks as well

Shades : Blue heaven lipsticks are available in many beautiful shades. We are attaching the shade card to decide on the color before you buy out the best brands.

** Add the shade card

Price : these lipstick range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000 depending upon their product quality.

Stay : These lipstick have got the long  lasting stay. You need not to apply them multiple times in a day.

If you want something with less chemicals that do not harm your lips with an add-on of budget friendly tag, then opting for bue heaven is the best choice you can make.


Lakme is one of the most famous old brands in world of cosmetics.

This brand i sfamoyus internatially also. It markets of the most affordable and finest beauty products. The brand ambassdor for lakme is no one other than our beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick, Shade 
Best lipsticks for girls

Coming to its lipstiks section than we have multiple texture for lipsticks. These textures very from velvet to satin touch, matte finish with oil base and dry base, shiny lipsticks ans etc.

They come in solid and liquid formula with huge variations and options for the shade that best suits you.

The most famous one are Lakme absolute and Lakme 9 to 5. Another option ofr adding liquid matte in your collection is Lakme forever liquid matte. You can also opt for Lakme Enrich Matte Lipsticks.

Price Tag : These lipsticks are super pocket friendly. You can add beautiful shades to your makeup collection from just Rs.200 to 400.

Stay : The dutation for the stay for these lipsticks is very statisfying. Even there lighter shades last upto 4 to 5 hours.

So grab your favourite shades today from the links mentioned below.


Best lipsticks for girls

The brand ambasador of Mybeline is Alia Bhat and Athiya Shetty.
Maybelline is a young brand with very high energy and coming with all the new ideas  and colours to beat its competitors.

Texture: The texture of these lipsticks are from creamy to liquid to totsl matte(Best lipsticks for girls)

This brand has again got the multiple shades for all type of skin tones.

Stay : The stay of these lipsticks is too long. They can last from 6 hous to 8 hours.

Most of the famous Maybelline lipsticks are Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon, Lip Gradation, Color Sensational Lipsticks, Poder Matte Lipsticks, Loaded Bold Lipsticks, Creamy Matte Lipsticks and  Color show intense crayon., Superstay Matte Ink, Inti-matte Nudes Lipsticks

These lipsticks range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 700 depending upron their texture and pigmentation.

You can make these bold and rocking colors from these links and shadecards available.

L’Óreal  Paris: (Best lipsticks for girls)

It is next famous lipstick brand with very less chemicals or harsh compounds which will cause least damage to your soft and fragile lips.

L’Oreal ahs got the long lasting formula in wide spectrum of colors and shades.The best quality of L’Oreal is that it will keep your lips hyderated fr long time.

Texture – These lipsticks come into vatrious texture from oily to matte, satin to norshuring velevet.

The best  lipsticks are Satin Lipstiks with precious oils, Luminous Hydrating Lipstick+Nourishing Serum,

Matte Lip Caryon, Plmp and shine Lip Color, Pro Matte Les Macrons, Ultra Matte highly pigmented, Matte Lip Sattin, Shine Lipstick, Pro – Matte Lipsticks.

These lipsticks range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500. but byou can avail a great discount on these products through these links.

Check your favourite shades and let your lips speak freely.


Matte Lipstick Best lipsticks for girls

This is the most lovable brands of working professionals and beauticians. Mac is one of the most renowed brand in th wprldof cosmetcs. These lipsticks have least chemical composiion with vry less alcohol. They glide soeasily on your lips and give your lips such beautiful color that you will fall in love with them again and again. Mac is one of the most expesive brands for lipsticks. The mini mac lipticks start from Rs..999. So if your hunting for lipsticks around Rs. 1000 then we would suggest you to buy for Mac.

The tesxture of these lip colors are utimate smooth.

Ruby woo is the most famous color in the series of mac. Infact, it has g0t some best  nude shades also.

Huda Beauty

We all dream to have Huda beauty makeup set on our dressing table. Huda Beauty is a well known brand and fits for those who are luxury lover.

The finish of these beauty products is to another level. One using these products can get a look of makeup done professionlly. Huda beauty product is an international brand and is in tough competion with Mac.

Huda Beauty makes your lips fuller, ehance the shape of the your lips.

Texture : Huda Beauty is more famous for its Matte formula. They have got some of the best matte texture and shades.

Packing : Huda beauty has got very beautiful roll on tubes with dual shade color. Check the image for this

Stay: The pigmentation of Huda Beauty lipsticks are very long. It can last upto 12 hours very easily.

Most astonishing shades of Huda Beauty are Powerful Bullet Board Meeting, Powerful Bullet Prim night, Powerful Bullet girls trip, Powerful Bullet Dirty Thirty and Wedding Day. Apart from these shades other shades are also very loving.

Catch your favourite shade today and make your lips the centre of attraction of the day!


This brand has its own innovations and theme for women. This brand never lacks to suprise its customer with new product. Again the product of Sugar has got leat harsh chemicals. They beleive that sassy is new classy and hence has got varaint colos and formulas to suit your beauty.

Texture : Sugar got its lipstick from Satin to matte nad liquid. So you can buy whichever is most easy for you to handle.

Stay : again  Sugar lipsticks can last from 10 to 12 hours.

Some of the best profucts of this brands are Matte as hell Crayo Lipstick, Smudge me not liquid lipsticks, Matte attack waterproof Lipsticks, Limited Edition Nothing Else Matte Long wear lipsticks, Mettle Satin Lipsticks, Mettle Liquid Lipsticks, Metle matte Lipsticks, Its a- pout time lipstick and the list goes on. They have got very vast cilletion of lipsticks with bandwidth of almost all shades in nature and different formula.

Their price starts from Rs. 600 can can last upto multiples of Rs. 1000.

You can get your favourite Sugar lipsticks from the links mentioned below:Best lipsticks for girls

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