why is water important to life and benefits of drinking water

water important to life: Water and its benefits: The human body is made up of 70% water. It is even said that one can live without food but not without water. Water comprises the basic essential for the survival of organisms. 

We used water for almost all the activities from drinking, washing, bathing to planting etc.

But this is also a bitter fact that water that can be used by us is only 30% of the total water present on earth.  Organisms can only use fresh water available on earth. Salt water cannot be used at all whereas hard water can be used but it has its own side effects.

Water has many nutrients and minerals and it is suggested to drink at least 7 – 8 glasses of water daily by an adult. It is also suggested to consume foods containing high water level as it makes feel fuller and completes the water need of the body.

Water helps to remove toxins from the body easily.

Let us understand the benefits of drinking water:

Helps in healthy Kidney maintenance:

Kidneys help in excreting waste and toxins from the body. In  order to function properly, the kidney needs an adequate amount of fluid to flush out all the waste from the body.

Drinking clean water in an adequate amount protects us from life endangering diseases and chronic kidney diseases. Many times it happens that small stones in the kidney are also flushed out with urine.

Improves Digestive System

Water plays an important role in the digestive tract. It promotes digestion by improving the body’s ability to break the food.

During inadequate water balance in our body the colon absorbs water in order to keep the hydrated which leads to reduced water level in the gut. This leads to constipation and gastric issues.

Water prevents gastric, acidic issues in the body improving the flow of waste in the bowel system.

Helps in maintaining weight

Many of us might think that, “Does drinking a lot of water help in weight loss?”.

It is understood that drinking an adequate amount of water can help in weight reduction. Drinking enough amount of water helps in weight reduction in below ways:water important to life

  • Increases metabolism of the body
  • Intake of water frequently kills hunger and reduces calorie intake
  • Water breaks down fats cells 
  • Promotes toxin removal through sweat

Promotes Healthy Skin

Drinking sufficient liquid helps our skin to revive itself. A hydrated skin is more fresh and glowy because of smooth flow. A dehydrated skin does not facilitate blood circulation and makes skin pigmented and dry. Drinking enough water also reduces early aging by preventing wrinkles.

Also more water promotes sweat with also skin to breathe and removes dirt and blockage in skin pores. Water promotes quick skin healing against pollution and heat. Water removes toxins and pollutants making skin more brighter and healthier.

Cures Migraines and Headaches

Might sound weird but yes water has got the capability to cure severe headaches and migraines. Chronic low level of dehydration causes severe headaches.

A hydrated body increases blood circulations , alertness and concentration. During severe headache intake of adequate water and fluid.

Improves mood

A hydrated mind as discussed has more potential to work efficiently because  of  continuous flow of oxygen rich blood. This increases the alertness and effectiveness of the mind.

It is even said that drinking water when you are sleepy boosts the oxygen level in your body and mind making you feel more fresh and energetic.

Above mentioned were the benefits of drinking freshwater which is pure. Let us now discuss hard water, it’s merit and demerit.


water important to life

If the water has a high content of dissolved Calcium and Magnesium, it is called hard water.

How to detect hard water :

  • Have you ever noticed your hands are still soapy after washing? This happens because of the hard water that is being used to wash the hands.
  • After washing utensils and clothes a white patchy area may be prominent. This is because of hard water.
  • The flow and pressure of the water in pipes gets decreased because of accumulation of minerals on the inner diameter of pipes and taps

Demerits of hard water:

Though studies have not recorded any serious health issues due to consumption or usage of Hard Water-water important to life

Effects on Skin:

Using hard water.can leave your skin dull, dry and dark. It may sometimes feel itchy and soapy even after bathing. This is  because hard water disturbs the natural pH balance of the skin.

Hard water may also make your skin prone to many bacterial and fungal infections as disturbing pH balance might lead to weakening the protection shield of the skin.

Effects on hairs:

Hard water damages the hair health for sure. Washing your hair and health with hard water will make your scalp dry and itchy. This will further make the scalp lose its nutrients and minerals.

This will lead to dry and damaged hair with greater volume of hair fall. All this directs towards bad hair health. 

If you are facing these issues visit hair experts to solve your problem. Choosing mild shampoo and conditioning is must.

Merits of Hard Water

It is an assumption that daily intake of hard water will fulfill your body’s demand of nutrients and minerals as it has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium.

Water Retention

Earlier in this article we came across the fact that the human body is made from 60 – 70% of water.

It is also suggested by doctors that people must drink at least 7 – 8 glasses of water.

But we should be careful about water retention. This is the situation when the water weight of the body increases. This happens because the body is  not able to remove excess water from the body and it retains itself within tissues leading to swollen body.

How to Detect Water Retention 

One can easily detect water retention issue by physical changes:

If you are not able to lose weight in spite of dieting. It can also be noticed because of severe swelling, Heavy weight gain within short span of time

How to remove retained water:

Come and check few ways about removing water retention from the body:

Decrease Sodium Intake

Drink 8 -12 glasses of fluids

Consume more citrus and leafy vegetables

Eat meals in regular intervals

Take more muscular exercises like cycling, walking, running, etc.

Include more carb items in your diet, So this is all we got for regarding water, hard water and water retention.

We should make sure to have sufficient fluid and nutrients to stay healthy. -water important to life

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