what is telegram app and benefits- app for education

Today, we had discuss on benefits of of Telegram app.

 video on Telegram help your photos and videos And its capacity is up to 1 GB 

  1. Messenger App is a  safe and secure app for group chat containing up to 5000 members and your documents, photos, videos, and links for more features.
  2.  most important    point is it’s totally free and Secure

Question how to use telegram

go to Android on Google Play Store download and install the telegram Run app enter your mobile number name and photo then find a friend with a telegram.

Telegram launched in 2013 two brothers Telegram provides unlimited storage for your text messages image media files documents will be saved on their cloud and you can download and view your files anytime and anywhere.

Users can compress the images of the files best think is group members up to 5000. It supports multi-platforms and you can post your articles in groups and share your thoughts, videos, images , word files. 

You can download the telegram app for Android iOS Windows Phone Windows PC Mac OS Linux OS and where you thought any Browser. The best feature is secret chat if it ends in encrypted chat. You can connect the telegram app to multiple devices at the same time, able to receive messages on all devices. Mostly used by this app is the education sector for live class videos and teaching steps.

Also, you can organize promotional campaigns for instant and ask your customers to take a photo inside your cafe shop with your products post then the Social Network, and many more.

Musli uses of telegram messenger as an e-learning tools for teaching and learning based

Telegram educational features as below

telegram app

The best part is security and privacy and then getting the task done. Participants and communication between the educational institutions why are sent task duties videos and more. In India,

the most popular learning app is the telegram and fast-growing app also. Students can join the live classes with teachers and educational institutions and make a new learning environment for students.

Many activities can be through social networking sites and most important which is based on an educational platform and you can join anywhere anytime. Telegram group chat and video calling and join your friends at the same time.(telegram app)

 Most students share the telegram app movies with you with friends and enjoy entertainment moments with friends. The best part is the Telegram app for Windows phones. These are amazing features you can join in Windows phones and laptop PC tablets.

This time Aise digital India you can learn y e-learning app and understand your subject via video and you can repeat telecast and you can save your educational video in your phone telegram ab is very safe and if Indian educational app just for a student and teachers educational institutions and you can enjoy with your friends also. 

Telegram is totally cloud-base messengers and voice message app in India. Please review your comments and share your valuable thoughts.

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