Latest hairstyle and best hairstyles for teenage girls and long hair cut for women.

Best hairstyles for teenage girls and women: Hair and their styling add a lot to our personality. Slightly changing our style, color, and haircut we can make a  recognizable change in our look. 

Yes, with our dressing and other beauty measure we should not forget to keep in mind about our hairstyle and added care to them

The beauty industry has now come with multiple hair cuts, colour and care. But we should be very careful while grooming our hair and it is advisable to do your hair grooming only from experts or who have knowledge about this field, else you will end up messing with the quality and beauty of your hair.

Later in this we will be discussing the kinds of hairstyles that look best in round face, diamond face, oval face and square face.

Also we will be discussing about the new styles and  hair colors in trend in these days:

But before that if you want to know about about the tips to keep your hair healthy, shiny and long click on the link below:

Now moving towards our current topic, let us get started with the discussion of different hair lengths:

Best hairstyling ideas depending on hair length

Short hair cutting style:

Hair is considered short when they are above shoulder length. These short hairs are one of the most trendy hairstyles and one i n every three women is not opting for them. It is well easy to maintain short hair and their health and beauty. The best hairstyles for these hairs are

Deep side partition:

In this type of hairstyle the hair are longer on top as compared to the rest of the head. This hairstyle will not allow you to carry any hanging locks. and majorly in one direction. This is quite trendy nowadays.

The classy ear tuck

Split your hairs in two parts from front. Tuck one side of the hair behind the ear and fix them with hair accessories. Leave the other side of the hair loose and slaying with wind. These days we have got so many beautiful and stylish hair accessories. You can select some of the trendy hair pin to match your style statement simply by clicking the below link:

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Wet look -Ladies hairstyle

This look is quite trendy and gives a very neat look when dressed for any formal meetings or dinner date. The ends of the hairlock are twisted slightly to give a wavy look. They are secured with hair spray or gel to keep them going for a long time.

Half bun – hairstyles for women

Divide your hair into half or whatever portion you wish to horizontally. Roll the upper part into a messy bun and leave the rest of hair like that only. If you wish you can  curl them or crip them as per your mood.

Voluminous loose curls

These are best for the hair bob cut, length of hair till ear or between ear and neck. This is also a saviour for those who have very thin hair. This will add volume to their hair and enhance the look. All you need is to a light curl from front and towards the end of the lock.

There are many hairstyles that can be done on short hairs, but we have provided you with the best and easy hairstyles.

2. Best hairstyle for Medium length hair

best hairstyles for teenage girls

Medium length is described as the length between the shoulder and middle of the back. Many people say that  this is the perfect hair length as we can do multi styling on this length very easily.

Princess style pullback

The most trendy and yet very simple is the Princess style pull back. All you need to do is simply part your hair from the middle of the forehead in two. Pull the front of the partition back of the ear and fix both the strands from two sides in the middle of the backside with a nice classy hair pin.

High pony or bun:

Comb all the hair neatly and pull them all together to the top of the head and tie them with colourful and stylish hair ties and clips. The most prominent these days are the flower and bow designed har accessories.

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Soft side braid

Comb all your hairs to the side leaving the front bangs. Knot the hairs into a simple braid. Tie the elastic band. Now pull the hairs at every level of the braid to make it look thicker and fuller.(best hairstyles for teenage girls)

Gently curl the front bangs to add to the beauty of the braid. You can use designer hair ties to enhance the look.

Baby Bouffant: baby hairstyle

Middle part the hair, collect the front bangs and slightly push them up from both the sides and give a puff and secure with bobby pins or any other pin you wish toh

Leave the hair open or lie a loose low ponytail at the back.

Half clutch 

Either side part, middle part or even do not. All you need to take a few of your front strands and pull them back to clutch or sun/moon pin/shaped pins them up for a stylish and trendy hair style.

Give gentle curls to the left over hairs or make them wavy.

Best Hairs for Long Hairs

Managing long hairs and styling them can be very tedious and painful especially if you are always short of time. Here we have got some time saving hacks for you.

Twisted bun:

This is the best hairstyle for long hair and is good for weddings, offices and meetings.

All you need is to divide your hair into two portions and tie a single shoelace. Now twist the two strands in the direction similar to their side. Once twisted roll them into a bun and secure with bobby pins and designer bun pins.

Khaleesi inspired Twist

This style looks very classy and is very simple to make. Take two sections from  both sides of the head around the front side portion and tie into a ponytail. Now create a gap using your fingers and flip your ponytail between this gap. Create soft curls for the hair and secure with mild hair spray.

Half up bow.

One of the breezy hairstyles for girls. You can easily make this hairstyle with minimal pins and ties. Take two sections of hair from front and tie them into a ponytail leaving a loop of hair above the rubber band. Now part this loop into two sections and secure the two sections with bobby pins in the inner flap of the loop. Now flip the tail of the ponytail between the bow and secure the tail with a pin.

One minute knotted Half Up

Pick up two to three inch of hair section from both the sides and tie a single knot with these at the back of the head. Secure the knot with some bobby pins. Curl the hair toward the end to give it a more crisp look.

Simple Shingon

Pull all your hairs back and tie a low ponytail. Now with the help of your finger create a gap above the elastic and flip your ponytail  into the gap.Repeat once more. Now roll all the hairs from the end of the pony tail upwards and secure them in the middle with the help of bobby pins.

Now as you have got the collections of best hairstyles for all kinds of hair lengths and textures. YOu are ready to make your hairstyle look more accurate and fresh. (simple hairstyle for Indian women, short hair hairstyles for girls)

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